Jennifer O’Neill is a godly lady who walks the walk, not just talks the talk. May I recommend to her Events, Conferences and Retreats. Her Retrospective CoverStory and teachings are wonderful tools to be used to advance the kingdom of God and tell of God’s transforming power.
In Christ,
-Dr. Frank S. Page
President of the Southern Baptist Convention 2006-2008

The intimacy of Jennifer’s words was so powerful. I appreciated her transparency, honesty and warmth when speaking to us.
-Tina Parker

With a heart-filled testimony, it only goes to remind us and show all of us that fame and fortune does not protect anyone from the everyday issues, hurts, and struggles.
-Vicky Burrows

 God truly blessed us with Jennifer, and it was very evident that the Holy Spirit was present and working through her to touch the lives of the women who attended our event. Jennifer’s presentation was unique not the usual type of evening were accustomed to and a welcome change!
-Cathy Schwartz,
Program Chairman, LPT Taylors First Baptist Church

Beginning the moment you left the stage until this moment, women are still talking about your event. You spoke to so many of their needs. I was amazed at one point during your presentation when quietness swept through the sanctuary where nearly 500 women gathered; you brought them to tears. I was stunned at the impact of your presentation and how mightily the Lord used it to get women’s attention, touch individuals, soften hearts and reach unbelievers.
-Patti Pfeiffer-Parr,
Crossroads Bible Church
When I taught drama, I told my students to make sure to move their audience to laughter, tears and, of course, leave them with something to think about. Jennifer does it all! Plan to attend a Jennifer O’Neill event and see a love story unfold between a woman and her Lord as Jennifer makes herself transparent before your eyes.
-Iris Wainright,
Realtor, Prudential C. Dan Joyner

It is evident that Jennifer’s presentation is not just a speaking engagement, but a testimony of God’s grace and love.

I would like to thank Jennifer for allowing the Lord to speak through her.

Jennifer’s talk really impacted my husband. Hes been different since then, more godly. She really inspired him.

I’m encouraged that a new venue like your Retrospective Journey is available for me to bring my Jesus-seeking friends. We can all identify with you. I believe many will come to know Jesus as a personal and more intimate Savior as a result of your efforts in His name.
-Lenna Neill,
CEO Piedmont Womens Center/Site Representative for Focus on the Family.

 What a joy and privilege to hear you a second time. You’re a wonderful inspiration and I pray that God will continue to bless you in your outreach to a hurting world of all ages. To God be the glory! Keep up the work for his glory and his purpose for your life!
-Joyce Cox

Wonderful Program! Jennifer really connects with her audience. Her love of the Lord shines through- Loved the video!
-Susan Montjoy

 Jennifer is an outstanding and moving speaker that touched the very deepest part of my heart. Thank you very much.
-Jane Wehunt

 Jennifer, your life included so many incidents that many of us have grown up with and struggled with. I believe every woman at the event was able to identify on some level, which is why youre so powerful as a speaker.

 Our church Pastor said he usually shies away from guest speakers because you never know where they’re coming from, or what they’ll say. However, after hearing Jennifer, his comment was, Very honored to have Ms. O’Neill at our church speaking to women and young ladies.

 I invited a friend to the event and she said Jennifer’s story was like listening to her own story from the sexual abuse, to the abortion, to the Hollywood lifestyle. My friend is now attending church with her family.\

I enjoyed everything tonight. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring someone who needs Jesus, and to hear the gospel. It was a great way to open the door! God bless you for all the efforts you put out tonight.
-Lisa Jones

 This was the best enrichment for me. There are a lot of empty holes in my heart that have not healed. Ms. O’Neill has given me insight that there is hope even after 45 years. God Bless.
-Ann Foster

"In only one day at your farm spending time with all of the wonderful horses in such a great environment, it has already allowed me to open up with myself. In March, I fell victim to some labels and diagnoses while serving on the southwest border mission in Texas. I spent nearly 5 of the last 6 months in a wheelchair due to an autoimmune disease...It's also caused a lot of depression and anxiety as I face the unknowns of my conditions....I felt like the horses could sense my issues and I found comfort in being around them. When I walked with JB at the end of the day across the paddock area to get water it was the furthest I've walked unassisted in 6 months. She gave me that confidence and it felt great! I'm not sure what God's plan is for me moving forward, but I know that finding out about your program and coming to your farm is surely a part of it."
- Travis
- Fort Campbell Warriors 

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