surviving myself


An Autobiography
Paperback – May 2016
Jennifer O’Neill, author


Jennifer O’Neill knows all there is to know about fame and despair. Even before she skyrocketed to movie stardom at age twenty-one co-starring with John Wayne in Rio Lobo, she had experienced more than most women twice her age: international modeling at fifteen, married at seventeen and motherhood at nineteen. Hurtling through a seductive world of glamour, money and travel at a breakneck speed, Jennifer went on to capture hearts with her coveted role in Summer of ’42.

Her career was a dream come true: Her private nightmare had just begun. In her relentless search for love, the dark years that followed saw scandal and sorrow offset by her exceptional beauty and style as she struggled through the trauma of eight marriages, nine miscarriages, a near-fatal gunshot wound, and three other near-death experiences. Even motherhood proved a painful trial when one of her husbands sexually abused her oldest child, Aimee.

But Jennifer O’Neill is a survivor – by the grace of God. Now, with renewed optimism, she looks back on her past with an unsparing honesty tempered with compassion, humor, and insight. Her story is an unforgettable drama of a resilient, talented, whimsical, yet deeply troubled woman redeemed by the gift of her spiritual awakening that changed her life forever.



“Powerful truth: sensitive, uplifting and inspiring.” –Michael Reagan, Network Radio Talk Show Host

“Jennifer O’Neill’s autobiography, Surviving Myself, is for everyone who feels that their life is beyond repair. Jennifer’s struggles and subsequent renewal will be an inspiration to readers.” –Patricia Heaton, Actress, Everybody Loves Raymond

“This is an incredible account of a life transformed. Jennifer’s book will strengthen your own faith and encourage your heart. I highly recommend it.” –Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain
Community Church

“Jennifer’s Surviving Myself provides reminders of the importance of letting go of the past indiscretions and letting God work in our lives.” –Marsha Blackburn, United States Congressman