You're not alone


Healing Through God's Grace After Abortion
Paperback – September 2005
Jennifer O’Neill, author


Jennifer O’Neill has been through the guilt, shame, sadness and fear that more than 80% of women experience after having an abortion. But she’s also come through the fire to find this essential truth: God loves you and, no matter what, wants you to have a life of love and respect – for yourself and from others.

Through her story and the stories of dozens of other women (and men) who have been through the anguish of abortion, Jennifer O’Neill encourages post-abortive women to understand that they are not alone, even in their darkest moments, and offers them a step-by-step, Biblically-based process for achieving life-long forgiveness and acceptance.

You are not alone! If you or someone you love has experienced abortion, accept this invitation to begin your journey to healing and wholeness.



“Jennifer O’Neill is a rare gem in the Body of Christ. with a compelling candor that could only be derived from intimate encounters with guilt, fear and shame, she masterfully conveys the heart of God towards the broken and encourages them out of their pasts and into their futures!” -Dr. Paula White, Paula White Ministries.