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circle of friends - A Fall Together


Paperback – 2016
314 pages
A Novel by Jennifer O’Neill


Friendship has been called a well-worn path between two homes. But for these seven women, it’s a divinely routed road map to a small Southern town, where hearts intersect and will never again uncross, come what may.

Real life, with its greatest dreams, is the basis for their story as told in A Fall Together, the first book in a fiction series from actress Jennifer O’Neill. Varied in age, ethnicity, background and economic status, these characters are united by their spiritual crossroads and the determination to face their personal issues with brave hope.

In this opening season, they will laugh, cry and pray togeher over a breast cancer diagnosis, a troubled ex-husband, struggling teenage children and other major matters of the hearft. It’s a time of coming together, when so much around them is falling apart.

Circle of Friends – A Fall Together is the first in a series of books Jen writes about life, friendships and all the ups and downs of both.
Book 2 - A Winter of Wonders
Book 3 - A Late Spring Frost
Book 4 - A Summer Celebration (coming soon)