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circle of friends - a winter of wonders


Paperback – 2007
314 pages
A Novel by Jennifer O’Neill


The second book in Jennifer O’Neill’s faith-centered series reveals even more of the complexities taking place among a socially diverse yet strongly united group of ladies in a smalll Southern town. Warring sisters, a budding romance, hard times, a major health scare: in this wintry season of each woman’s spiritual journey, there are more than a few icy moments – yet still plenty of times for merciful warmth, humor and friendship. While some wonder what drama will unfold next, others simply marvel at the wonders of God’s grace.

Circle of Friends –A Winter of Wonders is the third in a series of books Jen writes about life, friendships and all the ups and downs of both.
Book 1 - A Fall Together
Book 3 - A Late Spring Frost
Book 4 - A Summer Celebration (coming soon)