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all that glitters


Paperback Novel – May 2016
274 pages
Jennifer O’Neill, author


“Put away the bookmark.  You’ll neglect sleep to turn another page.  All That Glitters introduces Dorothy Winston, one of the most unforgettable characters of recent years.  Grace with stunning beauty and powered by breathless ambition, her life unfolds with the suspenseful twists and turns and shocking surprises of a carnival’s House of Mirrors.  But don’t despair; Dorothy finds her way out and into the light in a way you can’t imagine.” -Jackson Brown, Jr., New York Time #1 best-selling author of the Life’s Little Instruction Book Series.

“Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for sending me your novel All That Glitters — what a wonderfully tender and poignant story! You chose a unique platform to weave a compelling life story, and I really enjoyed the read.”-Stacey Snider, Chief Executive, DreamWorks

“With exciting surprises beautifully woven throughout the plot, Jennifer O’Neill’s All That Glitters is a values-based story that introduces Dorothy Winston — an inspiring character whose journey to self-discovery leads to an appreciation of God’s love as life’s most precious treasure.” -Marsha Blackburn, United States Congressman

“Dear Jennifer, You do indeed have in All That Glitters a strong story that keeps the reader turning pages.” -Nan A. Talese, Publisher & Editorial Director, Doubleday

“There are times in all of our lives that our “glitter” gets in the way of what really matters. Jennifer O’Neill has captured the essence of God’s grace and love in our lives in this incredible book.” -Mark Houston, M.D., Director, Hypertension Institute of Nashville