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From Fox News O’Reilly to U.S. Senate and Congress

Jennifer O’Neill is the Spokesperson for the International Silent No More Awareness Campaign – a non-denominational, non-political, post-abortion healing organization

Jennifer has been a passionate fundraiser for hundreds of Crisis Pregnancy Centers all across America raising well over Two Million Dollars so far in support of LIFE

The National Right to Life Committee honored Jennifer with the Proudly Pro-Life Award for her work in communicating the negative impact abortion has on women and families

Jennifer was awarded a Defender of Life plaque in thanks for her generous and courageous support of the Pro-Life cause, (particularly fighting to ban partial birth abortion, electing Pro-Life leaders to Congress, and supporting the crucial programs of the Susan B. Anthony List

Jennifer appears regularly on radio and T.V. shows on behalf of LIFE such as O’Reilly, Hannity & Colmes, and The View etc.

Jennifer hosted the Thine Eyes documentary highlighting youth in regard to abortion

Jennifer has addressed the U.S. Senate and Congress to request more research to be done concerning the devastating aftermath of abortion

Jennifer was the lead performer on the Focus on the Family’s “Life Interrupted” radio drama

Jennifer continues to march in Washington D. C. and around the country for LIFE

Jennifer was a part of the team of presenters for the Family Research Councils Washington Briefing

The subjects of post-abortive hope and healing are highlighted in all eight of Jennifer’s books, and she addresses them in her Conferences and various speaking engagements