GLITTER GIRLS parties may be held as either Mother/Daughter gatherings, or all day events for girls. The Glitter format follows the theme, All That Glitters is Not Gold, addressing, among other topics, the critical issue of healthy esteem derived from Gods perspective, not the worlds skewed view of perfection.

Like so many, I personally struggled with superficiality and emotional insecurities from the time I was a pre-teen. That battle raged on even when I began modeling for CoverGirl at age15 (a position I held for thirty years), only to worsen under the demands and temptations of Hollywood. Believe me, the limelight is not always what its cracked up to be!

Regardless of our personal stories, from childhood to womanhood, the pressure’s on … from early on!

All too often, girls grow up into women who have been held to unhealthy standards of acceptance that harm them emotionally, physically and spiritually. The truth is, everyone is uniquely beautiful. A rare and one-of-a-kind-find to be respected and cherished… When one feels the security of Gods unconditional love, the rest of their details will fall into place: A SAFE PLACE!
Remember, You’re Not Alone! 
Tons of love, Jen
Question and Answer Session and a Book Signing follow GG parties!!!!!!!!



What People Are Saying . . .

I am 14, and I loved your story! You are an amazing person, and I will never forget what you said tonight! Thank you so much! You are truly an angel! 
– Kylie
Jennifer’s is a message our young girls need to hear as they often idolize Hollywood actors and CoverGirls who do anything to be loved and accepted. Teens need to hear that the joy of the Lord is and can be their strength. 
– Maureen
Your story gave me comfort knowing that God will take care of me and protect me through everything and nothing is too big or small for him to handle. 
– Victoria
I loved it! I know so many girls who need to hear what you have to say-thank you so much! 
– Lacy
I loved your speech. Thank you for letting God shine through you. I’m 13, and I love Jesus. But I struggle, of course, so thank you. 
– Mattie
Im only 16: please pray I will be patient and willing to wait for God’s best. Also pray God will help me wait for that special guy He has for me one day. Thank you for tonight! It was an amazing experience! 
– Sarah
Thank you for the opportunity for our teenagers to hear such a love story. Thank you Jennifer for impacting their lives! 
– Suzanne
Thank you so much for speaking to these young girls and to me; our stories have many overlaps. 
– Suzanne
I’m deciding where to go to college in a year and a half-I’m finding God’s plan for my life. Your story is amazing!!! 
– Susan
It was just awesome to hear your story and how God had worked in your life. I just want to thank you for telling everything about what hurts and helps. 
– Caroline
My daughter came, listened, and now is once again attending church because of Jennifer’s talk. You don’t know how much and how long I’ve prayed for that. Jennifer really touched my daughters heart. 
– Karen
My 14 year old daughter tried to kill herself in November, and what you said today will help me with her at this very difficult age. 
– Sylvia