The Power & Blessings of a Sunrise


Paperback – January 2007
by Barry Rice

NO LONGER will you need to listen to Washington, D.C., Wall Street, the media, or Your family and friends tell you what your ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ SHOULD be. That’s exactly what The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise will show you how to do! To see and turn your future
into what you want it to be. The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise will guide you to seeing God’s opportunities, choices and blessings for your future – all of them brilliantly displayed upon the horizon of every sunrise . . .

“The fact that Barry Rice speaks from experience adds much to the words. He was there in the sunset of his life, things were going down, but instead, he saw, and experienced, a beautiful sunrise. Great and new things appeared on the horizon and circumstances in his life took on brightness, hope and challenge”. –Maury Norman, Pastor, Hendersonville Cumberland Presbyterian Church

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Product Description

barry_headshot“God Is Doing Everything He Can To ‘GIVE’ You Success, Happiness and Peace of Mind but . . .Are You Allowing Washington, D.C., Wall Street, The Media, Or Your Family And Friends Tell You What Your ‘Success’ And ‘Happiness’ SHOULD Be? Do you believe your “success” is determined by having ‘things’ (cars, fancy house, clothes, exotic vacations, etc.)? Have you been working as hard as you can and still feel lost, unhappy and unsettled? You’re skeptical. Right? I don’t blame you.. But, if you doubt God’s power to reveal what YOUR future can be, if you think you can’t see and hear God, or can’t feel Him guiding you to your long-held dreams, then you owe it to yourself to read this book.

The Power And Blessings Of A Sunrise gives you the “proof” that you can begin TODAY, to see the opportunities and choices you have for your future – opportunities and choices you may never have thought of before!” – Barry Rice, Author