Life As It Should Be – Our Deceptive Dreams VS God’s Perfect Will


Paperback – January 2015
by Dick Bont
Foreword by: Jennifer O’Neill

“You can be anything you want to be!”
“Follow your dream!”
“Be all that you can be!”

Do these phrases sound familiar? we are bombarded with words like these all our lives; yet many of us remain confused, disappointed, and disillusioned.

Perhaps there is a greater pursuit – maybe discovering who God made you to be and following His plan for your life is a better way. Life As It Should Be may be your road map to that destination.

Product Description

Dick Bont has been a pastor for the last twenty years. He is an avid cyclist and golfer, but his real passion is teaching the word of God. Through his extensive experience as a biblical counselor and gifted teacher, he has impacted thousands of lives for Christ. He has a strong desire for everyone to know and live the fullness of life in Christ. He and his wife, Beth, currently live in Ada, Michigan.

Cover graphics/art credit: Cooper Alan