Hope and Healing

From Fallen To Forgiven


A Spiritual Journey Into Wholeness & Healing

Jennifer O`Neill, the international movie star who’s face graced CoverGirl ads on TV and magazines for over three decades, seemed to have it all: beauty, wealth, talent and fame. Who could have imagined the devastating pain she hid? Feelings of emptiness and low self-esteem dominated her life. Then Jennifer met Jesus Christ and made him Lord of her life. Through his love, the past twenty years have been a spiritual journey into a place of emotional, spiritual healing and wholeness, a place where she resides to this day. Christ`s message of forgiveness filled Jennifer`s enviable yet turbulent life with peace and joy. Join Jennifer in stepping through God’s healing process to find victory over hurts that will release you to a happy, healthy spiritually successful life!



What People Are Saying . . .

“The incredible account of a life transformed by Jesus Christ. Jennifer’s book will strengthen your own faith and encourage your heart”
— Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Radio & Television, Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountian Community Church
“From Fallen to Forgiven is for everyone who feels that their life is beyond repair — an inspiration to readers.”
— Patricia Heaton, Emmy Award Winning Actress, Everybody Loves Raymond
“Anyone who thinks she or he is beyond forgiveness should read Jennifer’s life story…encouraging, uplifting and beautiful — as she is!”
— Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist
“…tremendously encouraging — a comfort and source of strength to which anyone can turn. And return.”
— John Tinker, Creator & Producer, Chicago Hope
“…provides reminders of the importance of letting go of past indiscretions and letting God work in our lives.”
— Marsha Blackburn, United States Senator
“Jennifer beautifully communicates her love for God and people in the pages of this in-depth, biblically-based study — refreshing honesty.”
— Dr. Robert Schuller, Founding Pastor, Crystal Cathedral Ministries
“Jennifer writes with candor and conviction — compelling story.”
— H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Author of Life’s Little Instruction Book
“…an amazing testimony — provides practical application through God’s Word and her own experiences”
— Nancy Alcorn, President & Founder, Mercy Ministries

You’re Not Alone

Healing Through God’s Grace After Abortion


43% of women (churched or non-churched) who have reached the age of 55 have had at least one abortion.Jennifer O’Neill has been through the guilt, shame, sadness and fear that more than 80% of women experience after having an abortion. But she’s also come through the fire to find this essential truth: God loves you and, no matter what, wants you to live a life of love and respect for yourself and for others.Through her story and the stories of dozens of other women (and men) who have been through the anguish of abortion, Jennifer O’Neill encourages post-abortive women to understand that they are not alone, even in their darkest moments, and offers them a step-by-step, Biblically-based process for achieving lifelong forgiveness and acceptance.YOU’RE NOT ALONE! If you or someone you love has experienced abortion, accept this invitation to begin your journey to healing and wholeness.* * *

What People Are Saying . . .

“If you want to know the truth about abortion and its effects from men and women who have ‘been there’; if you want to know how to stop the pain and begin to heal; if you want to experience a new freedom from the past, READ THIS BOOK.”
Ruth Bell Graham McIntyre,
Author of Things My Mother Taught Me
“Jennifer O’Neill provides a dynamic model of compassion and conviction for hearts shattered by choice. Her intimate and candid disclosures in You’re Not Alone provide moving accounts of the pain and anguish caused by abortion. Much more than this, it is a beautiful testimony that healing is not only possible, but also a gift that God is longing to grant us. This book has the ability to captivate readers, engage them in their own healing process and profoundly change lives.”
Theresa Burke, Ph.D.,
Ministries & Author of Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
“If you read Jennifer O’Neill’s illuminating book of healing based on God’s Word and your heart aches for the lost, please know that there is hope and a way to recovery for everyone and you don’t have to go it alone anymore!”
Dr. Alveda King
You’re Not Alone is a Biblically-based invitation to all who have been affected by abortion and yearn to move from regret to healing. Thank you, Jennifer, for this timely book about a tough subject. It is an honest and compassionate look at the devastation abortion leaves in its wake and God’s grace and power to forgive and heal the broken-hearted.”
Patricia Heaton,
Everybody Loves Raymond
“Powerful truth: sensitive, uplifting and inspiring. If you’re hurting there is help and You’re Not Alone is the answer. Thank you, Jennifer, for your concern of others.”
Michael Reagan,
Host and Author
“My heart was touched by You’re Not Alone. Though I’ve talked with, cried with and written about women who’ve had abortions, I found Jennifer O’Neill’s story and insights to be fresh and compelling, a lifeline to those longing for hope and release (and those around them who need to understand). This book gently opens a window to what’s usually shrouded in darkness. The light that shines through is the grace of Jesus. Jennifer O’Neill portrays God as a compassionate healer, the divine Father and Husband who offers forgiveness to every woman who has suffered from abortion. I highly recommend this book.”
Randy Alcorn,
Author of Heaven and Why Prolife?
“Like all of Jennifer O’Neill’s books, You’re Not Alone is passionate and personal, with practical resources as well. Letter and testimonies, including Jennifer’s own, make the faces and voices real – the mothers, fathers, grandparents, workers at clinics, siblings of aborted babies and others who have suffered the effects of abortion and were trapped until they accepted the gift of God’s forgiveness. No reader could ever again doubt that abortion hurts, and that, just as surely, the Lord brings healing and restoration. If you have not had an abortion, read this book to understand the pain and broken relationships in our society today. If you have been touched by abortion, read this book so you will never have to feel alone again.”
Margaret (Peggy) Hartshorn,
President, Heartbeat International

Life After Abortion Workbook/DVD

(Coming Soon from Hillenglade Publishing House)

“Jennifer has produced a leadership DVD and workbook called Life After Abortion that are compassionate, loving and truthful.Both convey to women, who have had abortions, that they are loved because they reflect the loving God who so clearly motivates Jennifer’s work.”
– Wanda Franz, Ph. D.,
National Right to Life President