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All That Glitters – A NOVEL

(Coming Soon from Hillenglade Publishing House)

What People Are Saying . . .

Put away the bookmark. You’ll neglect sleep to turn another page. All That Glitters introduces Dorothy Winston, one of the most unforgettable characters of recent years. Graced with stunning beauty and powered by breathless ambition, her life unfolds with the suspenseful twists and turns and shocking surprises of a carnivals House of Mirrors. But don’t despair; Dorothy finds her way out and into the light in a way you cant imagine.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr., New York Times #1 best-selling author of the Lifes Little Instruction Book series

Dear Jennifer, Thank you so much for sending me your novel, All That Glitters. What a wonderfully tender and poignant story! You chose a unique platform to weave a compelling life story and I really enjoyed the read.

Stacey Snider, Chief Executive, DreamWorks

With exciting surprises beautifully woven throughout the plot, Jennifer O’Neill’s, All That Glitters, is a values-based story that introduces Dorothy Winston – an inspiring character whose journey to self-discovery leads to an appreciation of Gods love as lifes most precious treasure.

Marsha Blackburn, United Sates Congressman

Dear Jennifer, You do indeed have in, All That Glitters, a strong story that keeps the reader turning pages.

Nan A. Talese, Publisher & Editorial Director, Doubleday

There are times in all of our lives that our glitter gets in the way of what really matters. Jennifer O’Neill has captured the essence of Gods grace and love in our lives in this incredible book. It will make you squirm, but you’ll feel its power as you find yourself throwing away all that superficial glitter that clutters your life.

Mark Houston M.D., Director, Hypertension Institute of Nashville


Circle Of Friends Series

(Coming Soon from Hillenglade Publishing House)

A Fall Together – Book One

Meet Lauren, Irene, Eleanor, Pam, Tonya, Stephaine, and Suz. Friendship has been called a well-worn path between two homes. But for these seven women, it’s a divinely routed roadmap to a small Southern town, where hearts intersect and will never again uncross, come what may. Real life, with its greatest hurts and grandest dreams, is the basis for their stories as told in A Fall Together, the first book in a new fiction series from actress Jennifer O`Neill. Varied in age, ethnicity, background, and economic status, these characters are united by their spiritual crossroads and the determination to face their personal issues with brave hope. In this opening season, they will laugh, cry, and pray together over a breast cancer diagnosis, a troubled ex-husband, struggling teenage children, and other major matters of the heart. It`s a time of coming together, when so much around them is falling apart.

* * *

BOOK FOUR of the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS Series will be available Spring 2014!

* * *

A Winter of Wonders – Book Two

Book two in the faith-centered CIRCLE OF FRIENDS… JUST OFF MAIN series for women, reveals even more of the complexities taking place among the most socially diverse yet strongly united ladies in a small Southern town. Will there ever be peace between at-odds sisters Lauren and Irene? Will Pam and Tanya fulfill the desires of their hearts? Does the troublesome budding romance between Irene’s teenage daughter and local basketball star Trace stand a chance? Will the hardscrabble times of Trace’s widowed mom Stephanie ever let up? And what will life be like for Stephanie’s prayer group friend Elenore after a major health scare? In this wintery season of each woman’s spiritual journey, there are more than a few icy moments and still plenty of times for merciful warmth, humor and friendship. While some can only wonder what drama will unfold next, others marvel at the wonders of God’s grace.

* * *

A Late Spring Frost – Book Three

But a cold snap can threaten the season’s greatest gifts. A Late Spring Frost, book three in the faith-centered CIRCLE OF FRIENDS… JUST OFF MAIN series, captures a defining time in the dramatically intersecting lives of the women who meet each week at Norro’s Diner in the small Southern town of Centennial. As the dogwood trees start to bud, a surprising romance rekindles for Lauren; a business dream blooms for long-suffering waitress Stephanie; and a new modeling career for Tonya sparks a move with her young son to New York City. But these joys are tempered by urgent struggles happening inside the circle of friends. Lauren’s sister Irene is about to lose all control over her pregnant teenage daughter, and Stephanie’s son, the assumed father of Irene’s grandchild walks a fine line between independence and reliance on God. As the clouds roll in, only faith can keep this circle unbroken through the storms of life.

* * *

What People Are Saying . . .

I love your book and I just completed A Late Spring Frost. There has to be a book four in the works!
–Brenda Jennings
I just finished A Late Spring Frost. How dare you keep me hanging like you did at the end of this book! How long before the fourth book comes out? I can NOT wait!!!
— Connie Bennett
This Fall, I read A Fall Together, and I can’t describe to you how it felt to finally get to read and enjoy it with the leaves falling and the sun shining.
–Esther Ripplinger
Interlacing the trials and tribulation of a close-knit group of Southern women allows O’Neill the opportunity to explore many current social situations such as teen pregnancy and divorce. Her characters encompass many different ages, religious denominations, ethnicities, and beliefs, creating a circle of friends that is a rich tapestry. A comforting read of friendship and faith.
–Spirit Led Woman